Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Started

Inspired by this excellent post by +Rob Conley on his Bat in the Attic blog (that's more links in one sentence then I usually put in a whole post), I'm going to create a series of posts that follow the methodology, with some variation, in Rob's guide.

Step 1 is creating a world or continent map. I'm already going to stray from the path here a bit. I really like the blank hex maps that +Chris Hagerty (greengoat on The Mule Abides blog) created for the Adventurer Conqueror King System, (ACKS), available here. The largest of these hex sheets creates a sub-continental size map about 768 mi. by 1152 mi. This is a bit smaller than Rob recommends but I'm pretty comfortable with the area that gives me to work with and it helps me avoid one of my persistent design problems, over ambition.

I am woefully incompetent with Photoshop or any of its assorted brethren so I freehand all of my maps. I'll scan the map and post it tomorrow.